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The following is a compilation of gossip that was printed in the HOLLYWOOD STAR newspaper and the HOLLYWOOD "CONFIDENTIAL" STAR magazine.

Although this was "written and published" a few years ago, if you haven't read it or heard of it, "gossip" that is, then it could be considered new! - Bill Dakota

(Warning: Rated "R" because of explicit language.)

Sit back, relax, read and enjoy.

A phone tip last year, went unannounced. The caller said SUSIE QUATRO and PENNY MARSHALL were having a lesbian affair. Now that Penny has divorced ROB REINER, maybe there was some fact to the call. But, isn't Suzie living with Sonny Bono? (Note: Not today since he is no longer alive).

An actor who got real, real carried away was: ANTHONY BOYD SCRIVEN, an actor who played a mugger in "DRESSED TO KILL," was indicted in New York on manslaughter charges.

A few years ago LEE MAJORS was filming the SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN in Long Beach at the Pike (the amusement park) in the fun-house. Lee ran into a mummy and the arm fell off. There was a real man wrapped in the mummy garb. It turned out that the man was a missing derelict. Someone wrapped up his body like a mummy, sprayed it with fluorescent paint and sold it to the Pike's fun-house. What a weird sense of humor. The only reason I mention it here was that I just heard of the incident and it was hushed up pretty quick.

Was that JOHN SCHNEIDER beating his meat in his dressing room or was he pounding his meat into someone? It seems his trailer was bouncing back and forth.

Complaint from the Disney Studios, in the transportation department. Seems the head guy has hired a cute South American (male) for a top job and personnel with more seniority, are crying because the guy put his lover in a job they were more qualified for. GAY POWER?

DAVID CARRADINE, is being sued for assault and battery. And actor, WILLIAM SWINNEY, claims he was going to kill Swinney and then allegedly assaulted him by striking the plaintiff with a "claw hammer," striking him in the face and legs. The offense was supposed to have happened a year ago on Winding Road in Los Angeles. Why so long in making the complaint?

JOYCE HABER said "POPEYE" is going to be Bob Evans' "EVANSGATE," another take-off on the HEAVEN'S GATE," flop.

We received numerous phone calls that MERV GRIFFIN was caught having sex with a male in a dressing room in Las Vegas. But, they failed to tell who the alleged recipient was or where and when it took place. We need all of the facts.

Did you know that this paper comes out as frequent as LIZA MINNELLI has abortions or miscarriages?

JULIE HARRIS is hospitalized for exploratory cancer observation at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

KABC news anchorman, JERRY DUNPHY, was arrested and booked on suspicion of drunk driving. Dunphy was taken into custody by West Valley Patrol officers. Officers at the scene said Dunphy failed to pass a field sobriety test. (Dunphy died in 2002).

RATS AT PARAMOUNT STUDIOS! That's what the Orkin exterminator man tells us. "They have a serious problem at the Paramount Studios with rats. They're in the property department and we just can't get rid of them. It's a real big problem." So, if you're walking around the Paramount lot, watch out for rats, the four legged kind.

At the age of 18 KRISTY McNICHOLS will receive ONE MILLION BUCKS for her role in, "THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GEORGIA." Well, this was years ago before the balloon payments that are given to actors now.

Didyouknow MATT DILLON was arrested one afternoon as he was walking down Hollywood Boulevard? Cops thought he was skipping school and hustlin'. Well, Matt said he wasn't hustlin' and was here to make a movie, "Little Darlings." And boy are you right. They didn't believe him and hauled him in. The studios came to his rescue and hushed the story. Matt will be 17 in February. (Wow, is this ever an old story!)

When DAVID CARRADINE dies from a drug over dose, which could happen at anytime, (he's been hospitalized many times already), there will be questions raised as to why someone didn't help him? Questions that have been aimed at those around Elvis Presley. I know David is strong headed and hard to tell anything to, but there must be a way to reach this guy. I hate to see him go at so young an age from drugs. But, it's inevitable. The writing is on the wall. (Well, the writing on the wall has faded. Maybe someone read this to him and it woke him up. He is alive and recently signed a photo to me. "Yellow Pages Dot.Com" is a recent commercial he is doing).

The recent fire at the Burbank Studios, where the western town was wiped out, is believed to have been started by striking musicians, and "THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE," was often filmed there.

Back to the sick joke department. A guy lights a match and moves it up and down. What's that? It's RICHARD PRYOR on a pogo stick. (Richard was almost fatally burned to death, when drugs he was using caught him on fire). Now he has M.S. (Now he is deceased).

Sick jokes have been around for years and I recall an incident or a joke after JFK was killed. A guy walks into a bar and orders a Kennedy cocktail. It was a "Bloody Mary" with two shots. Where do these originate? In people's head of course. And no matter how sick they are, I often find them funny. Well, everyone knows I'm a sickie. At the Comedy Store, on open mike night, I tried a routine. I said that I knew OJ was guilty. That damned nigger's ass was all over the place. DNA here DNA there. Damned nigger's ass. Well, I almost got the DNA beaten out of me.

KATHRYN CROSBY is alleged to have a live-in boyfriend. Kathy used to be avid reader of the National Enquirer and even gave them an exclusive story on the anniversary of Bing's death, but then they printed a story about her being in a New York restaurant and having difficutly with a waiter and she was alleged to have stormed out. Well, she hadn't been in New York in years! So, she lost interest in the paper.

Would the person who called to tell us DIANA ROSS had an abortion last September, with the child alleged to have been actor, RYAN O'NEAL'S, please call us again? The person phoning works at a hospital where the alleged abortion took place.

GARY CROSBY is writing a book titled, "Bing's Boy." I wonder if he will tell it like- 'Papa Dearest?' There is still at least one of Bing's sons alive, from his first marriage, that didn't commit suicide but, last I heard he was living in a cheap apartment in Hollywood and doing drugs.

LINDA (WONDER WOMAN) CARTER'S former cook tells me Linda's husband used to beat the hell out of her. He pulled a gun on her and when the cook stepped in front of him.."he fired her."

JERZY KOSINSKI, (now deceased), who wrote the screenplay for "BEING THERE," from his novel of the same name, is into the S&M scene. He was at Chateau 19 (a S&M club) at 133 W. 19th Street in New York, where he was beating up his girlfriend. Then a one legged woman with a peg-leg got into the act and was grinding her peg-leg into a woman's pussy! Naturally, I had to investigate the story. Unfortunately the club was closing at 1:30 a.m. I still had to pay the $15 cover charge but missed any live action. But, the story was confirmed by the doorman/bouncer. "Yeh man, she was getting it on. She was grinding that peg-leg into her cunt. That woman will never be the same." This came from the doorman who was wearing all leather, from head to toe. And wearing leather gloves too. I'd overheard another customer saying, "I have to pack myself with ice because I bleed internally." Needless to say, after a quick glass of wine, I left. Even cabs were hesitant to pick me up near that club.

MALCOLM McDOWALL says the sex scenes in "CALIGULA," were added to the film after it was supposed to have been finished. Strange, because I recall seeing him lather up his hand to fist fuck a guy, (simulated of course, but the idea was sure there). He was also seen in the background shot of some of the sex scenes. Explain that Malcolm. I saw the film and loved it.

BRAD ("MIDNIGHT EXPRESS") DAVIS' private sex life ain't so private. Better pick your friends more wisely Brad. You may have weird ways, as was stated in our last issue, but you are also very talented. (Brad died of AIDS and left behind, a wife and daughter).

ROMAN POLANSKI, still in exile, is dating 17 year old DAWN DUNLOP. Roman just cannot stay away from jail bait can he? Well, Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old second cousin. And Elvis was dating Priscilla, in Germany, when she was only 16.

Didyouknow that one of CHER's back up singers hits her high notes? True, true, true. But this was also true of Elvis Presley. He couldn't hit all of his high notes either. And if you have his "Comeback" special on DVD, you will see that he even lip syched some of his songs from his previous recordings and performances.

I understand the JAMES WOOD's nude scene in "THE ONION FIELD" proved him to be among the guys with the biggest cocks in Hollywood. The cameraman's eyes popped out when he saw him. But, Waumbaugh won't send us a nude photo. I'm sure there are some from the prison shower scene.

SYLVESTER STALLONE gave actress SUSAN ANTON a diamond, but when they broke up she had it made into a pendant. (No, it's not in the shape of a penis).

NOSTALGIA!..oh how we forget tidbits. Remember when BING CROSBY was drunk and drove his car into a person killing them? He and his family moved up north until the matter was forgotten or silenced.

Someone wrote in and asked if I was a faggot? Well, if I had a choice between BO DEREK and JOHN DEREK, I'd choose John! He was always a handsome son of a bitch. He likes to read comic books too. (John died at the age of 71).

GARY SANDY of 'WKRP IN CINCINNATI,' told me that when he lived in New York, some kids about nine years old, pulled knives on him and said, "Give us your money or we'll cut off your balls." Needless to say, Gary still has his balls.

Surprisingly, I loved my recent trip to New York. Maybe I was lucky, the three days I was there. I wasn't mugged, got laid within hours of my arrival and a DAVID SUSSKIND show may be on the horizon. (Didn't Susskind die?)

The ex-girl-friend of MARJOE GORTNER, phoned to tell us he had a pencil dick. (No, it doesn't look like a pencil). That's supposed to be the size of it. The ex-evangelist is "producing and starring in" another film. Seems like that is the only way he can get work. His "Red Ryder" film flopped. And he isn't the best actor in the world, although I did like "Red Ryder."

GEORGE BURNS, while putting his handprints in the cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater, was overheard saying, "After all these years in Showbiz, I'm back on the sidewalk." George was a hit with the crowd, signing autographs and joking with them. He lived to be 99.

We have a porno picture of singer FELIPE ROSE, (The Village People), but we don't print porn. We do have a nude photo though and it's in this issue.

GREER GARSON's life was saved by a pace-maker. (Stay away from those microwaves, honey).

We received a request for back issues from DURBAN, NATAL! Now, where in the hell is that? How does this paper get to places like that? I guess it must be from the tourists that come here. We are to receive a mention in SCREEN STARS and MOVIE WORLD too. Mighty nice of Pat Agan and this goes for you too, MITCH TUCHMAN, for the Boston Phenix and Los Angeles Magazine interview. But, sorry guys, no photographs of Dakota due to my having to sneak around the studios, bars, etc. I must remain anonymous as to my identity or nobody will say anything when I am around.

I was surprised to hear POLLY BERGEN is alleged to be a lesbian. That came from my dentist as he was filling my teeth. He was at a party where Polly was loving it up with her companion.

JACK HALEY was recently in bed with dysentery! But, it wasn't from LIZA MINNELLI's cooking...they have their own cook, and two secretaries, etc. Liza, so our snoop tells us, has a telephone in her closet (for closet queens?), and that she listens to Jack's conversations from the hidden extension. But, Jack learned of it and was supposed to have put SAMMY DAVIS, JR., on hold, until she (Liza) got off the phone. Jack wasn't too uncomfortable in his bedroom as he had a wet-bar there stocked withTanquerey and Jim Beam. Their home, above the Whisky-A-Go-Go, is supposed to be furnished with the tackiest of furniture. They have plaster busts of W.C. Fields and Laurel and Hardy on their mantel in the living room that has shag carpeting running two feet up the wall. There is also a three dimensional chess set in their sunken living room and in one built-up corner, there is a white Baby Grand piano with a photograph of Jack on top, in a nightclub. And Liza, who has a separate bedroom, has her movie posters all over her walls. On the kitchen wall is an inflatable sculpture. The license plates on their Burgundy ROLLS ROYCE reads LIZJACK 1. On their blue Mercedes, I think our snooper said the license plates read AZJOY. Who knows? Who really cares? Just tid-bits that might interest you, the reader.

The MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN set was disrupted a few times by bomb threats. (I thought the program bombed from the beginning), but evidently there is an audience for it. I just can't get into it, which proves you shouldn't follow one person's taste.

BARBRA STREISAND, who is scheduled to put her footprints in cement at Grauman's, backed out twice. JON PETERS said she will do it, even if he has to carry her there. Wasn't Jon murdered by the Manson family?

BARCELONA, SPAIN- "THE OMEN," has broken all existing Box-Office records for this country. The opening days receipts were the largest in the theater's 18 year history.

I visited the WONDER WOMAN set at Warner Bros. to try to see LYLE WAGONER whom I met in Flint, Michigan where he appeared in "BORN YESTERDAY," with ED ASNER and KAREN VALENTINE. But Lyle wasn't on the set that day. I did see two Wonder Women, LYNDA CARTER and her double, wearing the same identical costumes. But, the blond, hunky electrician, with the deep blue eyes, caught my attention. He should be on the show and he nearly bowled me over as he ran from the set to get some equipment.

I just learned that GENE ROTH, a character actor in nearly 400 films, was killed in a car accident. A 17 year old, who was drunk, ran a redlight and killed Gene. I used to see Gene at Lee's Drugstore at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland, where he worked part time at the liquor counter. I hadn't seen him in a few months and I assumed he was working on a film. Another friend of his also learned of the news, at Thanksgiving, when she phoned the store to invite Gene to a Thanksgiving dinner. Although Gene's name wasn't well known, his face was known and easily recognized. He was in many scenes in the beginning of the Brando film, "THE YOUNG LIONS."

PAUL NEWMAN flirts with death in real life, (another Jimmy Dean?). He has just won the D-Productions National Car Championship driving his Triumph in Atlanta, Georgia.

RYAN O'NEAL, who said Tatum would be retired from other films, after "Paper Moon," has let her film, "THE BAD NEWS BEARS," "NICKELODEON," and now "SIX WEEKS," about a girl who only has six weeks to live, dying from leukemia.

FRANK SINATRA is giving away two hundred gifts to his closest friends at Christmas, "his wedding picture in handmade gold frames." That will cost him around $33,000. Who'd want one?

BILLY HALOP, famed Dead End Kid, died November 8th. How many stars of this funny gang are left? HUNTZ (SATCH) HALL was doing a few commercials before he died. JOE TURKEL, seems to be the only one remaining. He was the bartender in "THE SHINING."

I just checked with Filmex, the group who is sponsoring "A STAR IS BORN," in Westwood, to see if the rumor is true that MS. STREISAND will be wearing red, while the rest of the invited guests has been requested to wear white? I was told that it was just a rumor and that she would be wearing white too (wanna bet?). By the time you are reading this, you will know what she wore, but who really cares? She could go naked and that would be a sight, wouldn't it? And I was told to arrive early and not late, as Streisand would be the last to arrive and she wouldn't like to be upstaged. How the hell could I upstage her? And why would I want to? Just because I'm going in Dean Martin's rental limo, the Silver Streak? No, that's a movie, the Silver Hawk, and no I won't be taking a white Bengal Tiger as was planned. Who do you think I am, Cal Worthington? (Cal was a car salesman who did numerous commercials on television with different animals calling them all, my dog "Spot.") I went with John Boyd who was supposed to be my bodyguard. I had a magnetic sign for the side of the limo that said, THE HOLLYWOOD STAR presents Gossip columnist Bill Dakota. When the limo pulled up to the front of the Westwood Village theater, the crowd of fans were yelling and applauding. We didn't know who was in the limo in front of us? When we got out, they were all yelling, "Dakota, Dakota." I was surprised and happy to know I had fans.

I just heard that RODDY McDOWALL and MONTGOMERY CLIFT were one time lovers. This was a real shock, although I knew both had homosexual backgrounds. Roddy made a big scene over a hotel room in Toronto, when he wanted to stay in the Queen's Suite!

BOB HOPE said, "Watching 'Gone With The Wind,' on TV got me to thinking. If they made that picture today, Rhett Butler would probably be played by HENRY "FONZIE" WINKLER. The climax of the picture would be his turning to Scarlet O'Hara and saying, "Frankly my dear, sit on it." (Sit on it was a line Fonze used on the TV series, HAPPY DAYS). Bob continued, "I'm still as fond of BING CROSBY today as I was the first day we met...when I made top bid for him at a gay slave auction.

(Dakota: I saw BOB HOPE here at the Greek theater, after the Hollywood Star folded and he bombed with a gag about AIDS. He had just arrived in town from New York, and the celebration of the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. He said, "The Statue of Liberty has AIDS. They don't know if she got it from the mouth of the Hudson or from the Staten Island Ferry." With AIDS being such a serious matter, especially here in Hollywood, there were few laughs.)

LIZ TAYLOR fell from a horse and cracked her ass -so her marriage to JOHN WARNER was canceled...for a few days anyway.

LINDSAY WAGNER, (the Bionic Woman) and MICHAEL BRANDON will soon be legally fucking. Yes, they will be married this year.

BRODERICK CRAWFORD, is to portray J. Edgar Hoover in the "Private Life of...Hoover. Wel-l-l their private lives are similar.

MICHAEL GRAY (SHAZAM), phoned to say he decided not to do the nude photo for us in February. He also said he felt that the BURT REYNOLDS nude photo in Cosmopolitan Magazine was a fluke. But, he recently signed a photo for me which said, "I'm sorry I never did the nude photo for you."

DACK RAMBO, was shocked, to say the least, that we had heard and printed that he had fucked transsexual Ginger Coyote, but now he laughs at the whole thing, so Ginger told me. (Dack died from AIDS).

JACK CASSIDY, father of singer, DAVID CASSIDY, and ex-hubby of SHIRLEY JONES, died in his apartment when it burned down, apparently from his smoking in bed. I had talked to Jack about the possibility of getting a full frontal nude of David that had ran on the cover of THE ROLLING STONES magazine, but they edited the most precious part. I had first talked with David's agent, Marsa Hightower, but she turned us down. Jack had said he would try to get us one. Too late now!

THE ROYAL VIKING STAR is one of three Norwegian Cruise Line ships. CHET SAMPSON, who has been a correspondent friend since 1967, invited me and John Boyd, (my one time bodyguard and friend), aboard for a cocktail party before it departed for Hawaii. And it was grand. Jack Martin, a writer and former associate of Rona Barrett and Liz Smith, brought DODY GOODMAN, (known from the "JACK PAAR TONIGHT SHOW," from which she was fired), and we gossiped for about two hours. She wouldn't discuss being fired by Paar.

They say you can tell the size of a man's cock from the size of their hands. If this is true watch out for ALDO RAY. Christ, he must have the biggest hands I've ever seen on a human being!

WOULDYOUBELIEVE that the man with the biggest cock in Hollywood is gay? Only in Hollywood could this happen. And yes, he is married, but only as a front.

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